Tired of ASSumptions

You know, I work hard. I work 12 hour shifts. On my days off, I don’t do a damn thing that I don’t want to do. Others around me find it “odd” that I read a book, write, play games on my PC or watch tv all freaking day. They say things like “what did you do today?” “what would you do if I didn’t come over? Be in there on your PC bored…” You know what motherfucker? No I would not. I would be doing exactly what the hell I wanted to do. I am not a social person, I am not a social butterfly and I do not give two damns about “going out” with people when I don’t like crowds to begin with. I am at peace with myself. I love the quiet. I can only tolerate crowds and people for certain length of time before I am done. What I do give two damns about is being judged by what I do. Don’t assume to know me. Don’t assume to think you know me. Don’t fucking assume anything about me because I can assure you, you do not. I love you family. I will always have your back but I swear, I am nothing like any of you! I am at peace with myself. Not all of the time of course but my life is not as boring as you think because I do none of the things you do. STFU about me and my hobbies. Totally sick of the sideways looks and judgement. I DO NOT SIT AROUND IDLY CHITCHATTING ABOUT BULLSHIT. Idle chitchat bores me to tears. Go bore someone else with how blue the sky was today, ok? Thank you.